Learning to Read Music

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Spot the dot visual index of symbols; Preface;
1. High or low;
2. Long or short;
3. Rhythm and beat;
4. Tunes;
5. Sharps and flats;
6. Scales;
7. Keys;
8. Major and minor;
9. Rhythm round-up;
10. Chords;
11. Odds and ends;
12. Case studies; A final word; Glossary; Answers to questions; Further reading; Useful addresses; Index.


Peter Nickol is an award-winning music book editor. He has produced many books widely used in schools. He is based in Exeter, Devon.


"'Good for reinforcing what has been learnt and excellent for keeping alongside your favourite pieces of music.' Education Otherwise 'An excellent book for anyone who would love to be able to read music but thinks it would be too difficult...very easy to understand and well written.' A reader 'Useful for non-specialist primary teachers, who often find teaching music a daunting business.' Music Journal 'Especially ideal for anyone who is learning to play an instrument.' A reader 'This book was purchased just so I could learn the principles of music (written music, scales, keys, chords etc) without guitar techniques getting in the way. I have to say it is a fantastic book, with each chapter being easy to read and digest, I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn music theory and sheet music, 5 star book without a doubt.' A reader * 3rd edition of this versatile and straightforward guide"
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Untertitel: How to Make Sense of Those Mysterious Symbols and Bring Music Alive. 3 Rev ed. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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