Research in Finance, Volume 20

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Dezember 2003



A collection of eleven papers which present research in finance. It shows that double taxation and differential tax rates on a personal and capital-gains income, affect corporate stock values and financial policies in nonneutral ways. It also shows tax evasion decisions of a monopolist in a price-ceiling regulatory environment.


List of contributors. Introduction. Impact of differential and double taxation on corporate financial policies in an inflationary world (A.H. Chen, E.J. Kane). Price ceiling regulation of a tax evading monopolist (P. Sengupta). Deposit preference legislation and failed banks' resolution costs (W.P. Osterberg, J.B. Thomson). Secondary mortgage markets, GSEs and the changing cyclicality of mortgage flows (J. Peek, J.A. Wilcox). Increasing market discipline on banks: subordinated debt and bank loan sales (A.H. Chen, K.J. Robinson, T.F. Siems). Using zero-non-zero patterned vector autoregressive modelling to test for causality between money supply, GDP growth, the London stock market index and the euro exchange rate (E.J.Y. Lin, et al.). Fragile fixed exchange rates with banking safety net guarantees (S.A. Kane, M.L. Muzere). Long memory in currency futures volatility (C.-F. Chung, M-W. Hung, Y-H. Liu). Valuation of pension benefit guarantees and termination conditions (J.-P. Lee, S.-C. Lee, M.-T. Yu). Stock dividend announcement and information signaling theory: The case of Taiwan (K. Hung, C.-W. Duan, G.I. Nwanna). The optimization of efficient portfolios: The case for an R&D quatratic term (J.B. Guerard, A. Mark).


...Eleven papers present current research in finance. Journal of Economic Literature, 2004
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