Bearly Believable: My Part in the Paddington Bear Story

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Juli 2008



The creator of the beloved character Paddington Bear tells her roller-coasterstory of success and failure, good times and bad, with warmth, modesty, and ablunt Yorkshire wit.


Foreword by Michael Bond Introduction Chapter One - My War Chapter Two - Growing Up Chapter Three - Eddie Chapter Four - My French Connection Chapter Five - Our Acorn Chapter Six - Our Sapling Chapter Seven - Our Oak Tree Chapter Eight - Highs and Lows Chapter Nine - Our Graham Chapter Ten - Sailing into Troubled Waters Chapter Eleven - Disney and Other Disasters Chapter Twelve - My Sad Years Chapter Thirteen - Jekyll and Hyde Chapter Fourteen - The Collapse of Gabrielle Chapter Fifteen - Reflections


Shirley Clarkson is a 73-year-old tour-de-force who continues to live life to the full. As well as creating the physical Paddington Bear from Michael Bond's stories, she also produced TV presenter Jeremy and corporate lawyer Joanna who, in turn, have provided Shirley with five grandchildren. Her family, friends, and tennis are now Shirley's greatest sources of pleasure.


"A heart-warming, inspirational tale of a woman trying to run a business while having me as a son"- Jeremy Clarkson"heart-warming and hilarious"- The Offical Paddington Bear Website
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