From Yard to Garden: The Domestication of America's Home Grounds

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Mai 2008



The garden means more to Americans than simply the plants it contains: it is an extension of the family home. This work tracks the evolution of the American front and back yards as the nation evolved from an agrarian to an industrial economy. It digs up the broader historical reasons why we seek to create personal Edens in our own yards.


Christopher Grampp is a registered landscape architect in California and teaches in the Department of Landscape Horticulture at Merritt College. His writings about residential gardens have appeared in Landscape magazine and the book The Meaning of Gardens.


"Christopher Grampp has produced a work of major importance and significant originality. This book will change the way Americans see and understand their homes, yards, and gardens." - Paul Groth, author of Living Downtown: The History of Residential Hotels in the United States "The author has done a superb job of bringing together research materials from a wide and disparate range of sources, tying them together in a highly readable manner that should appeal to a broad audience. There is no book whose scope is in any way comparable." - David Streatfield, author of California Gardens: Creating a New Eden"
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