Static Analysis

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Staticanalysisisaresearchareaaimedatdevelopingprinciplesandtoolsforv- i cation and semantics-based manipulation of programs and high-performance implementation of programming languages. The series of Static Analysis S- posia is a forum for the presentation and discussion of advances in the area. This volume contains the papers presentedat the EighthInternationalStatic Analysis Symposium (SAS 2001), which was held July 16{18, 2001 at the S- bonne in Paris, France. Previous SAS symposia were held in Santa Barbara,CA, USA (LNCS 1824), Venice, Italy (LNCS 1694), Pisa, Italy (LNCS 1503), Paris, France (LNCS 1302), Aachen, Germany (LNCS 1145), Glasgow, UK(LNCS983),Namur,Belgium(LNCS864),followingtheinternationalwo- shop WSA in Padova, Italy (LNCS 724), Bordeaux, France (Bigre Vol. 81-82) and JTASPEFL/WSA, Bordeaux, France (Bigre Vol. 74). The program committee meeting was held at the Ecole Normale Sup erieure in Paris on March 31, 2001, and 21 papers were selected from 62 submissions. In addition to the contributed papers, this volume includes invited papers by RustanLeinoandMartinRinard.Thisvolumealsocontainstheabstractsofan invitedtalkbyFredSchneider and of the presentations by Bruno Blanchet, Andrew Gordon, Andrew Myers,andDavid Wagner at an invited session on security. May 2001 Patrick Cousot VI Preface ProgramCommittee Patrick Cousot (Chair) Ecole Normale Sup erieure, Paris, France Maurice Bruynooghe Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium


Invited Paper.- Analysis of Multithreaded Programs.- Program Transformation.- Communication and Parallelism Introduction and Elimination in Imperative Concurrent Programs.- Using Slicing to Identify Duplication in Source Code.- Soft Scheduling for Hardware.- Strictness and Termination.- Effective Strictness Analysis with HORN Constraints.- Applying Static Analysis Techniques for Inferring Termination Conditions of Logic Programs.- An Abstract Analysis of the Probabilistic Termination of Programs.- Semantics Abstraction.- Watchpoint Semantics: A Tool for Compositional and Focussed Static Analyses.- Logic and Constraint Programming.- Parameterizing a Groundness Analysis of Logic Programs.- Finite-Tree Analysis for Constraint Logic-Based Languages.- Invited Paper.- Applications of Extended Static Checking.- Data Structures.- Cleanness Checking of String Manipulations in C Programs via Integer Analysis.- Solving Regular Tree Grammar Based Constraints.- Static Analyses of the Precision of Floating-Point Operations.- Pointer Analysis.- Estimating the Impact of Scalable Pointer Analysis on Optimization.- Efficient Computation of Parameterized Pointer Information for Interprocedural Analyses.- Model Checking.- Parametric Optimization of Open Real-Time Systems.- Embedding Chaos.- Abstract Model Checking.- Analyzing Fair Parametric Extended Automata.- Incompleteness, Counterexamples, and Refinements in Abstract Model-Checking.- Invited Talk.- Language-Based Security: What's Needed and Why.- Mobility.- A Behavioral Module System for the Pi-Calculus.- An Abstract Interpretation Framework for Analysing Mobile Ambients.- Abstract Interpretation-Based Static Analysis of Mobile Ambients.- Invited Session on Security.- Static Analysis and Software Assurance.- A Type and Effect Analysis of Security Protocols.- Abstracting Cryptographic Protocols by Prolog Rules.- Security-Typed Languages and Distributed Computation.


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