Literary Journalism on Trial: Masson v. New Yorker and the First Amendment

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Juli 2008



Explores the legal implications of 'Masson v New Yorker' in the context of the history of American journalism. This book shows how the case represents a watershed moment in a long debate between the advocates of traditional and literary journalism. It explains how it reflects the intellectual project of the period.


KATHY ROBERTS FORDE is assistant professor of journalism and mass communication at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.


"Kathy Roberts Forde has chosen a fascinating case, Masson v. New Yorker, through which to analyze the history and theory of libel law in the United States, and she has identified and convincingly articulated the critical epistemological issues inhering in legal treatments of journalistic speech in that area. The writing is lively and engaging, and the legal analysis impressive in its mastery and logic. - Martha Merrill Umphrey, coeditor of The Place of Law "Literary Journalism on Trial makes an important contribution to our understanding of First Amendment law, an understanding reflecting the historical tension between objective and literary journalism that plays out in the court room.... The chapter dealing with the history of libel claims and lawsuits against the New Yorker alone is an original contribution. But in addition, Kathy Roberts Forde delivers on her promise to provide the cultural history that laid the groundwork for the confrontation between Jeffrey Masson and Janet Malcolm." - John Hartsock, author of A History of American Literary Journalism"
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