Born Rich

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November 2007



The curse of poverty is Real. It's a war which the epidermy has declared to fight your faith, family, finances and future.In this book FOB DEMA once and for all put to rest the question of people living in poverty and expounded the fact that we are all born rich into a planet rich with resources. He made known the methodologies of how to become a mobile money manager and not a modern day money making machine. He covered all the known concept of wealth, riches and prosperity from basic principles to purpose, process and practice. BORN RICH is a garden of diamond, gold and silver written for anyone anywhere serious about becoming financially free and a winner in money matters. In this book you will learn about the ageless treasure transforming truths.


FOB Dema is a public speaker, publisher, product consultant, property and portfolio investor. As one of the most sought-after speakers in the world today, he believes that those who work with wisdom will become a winner in their world, enjoy total wellness and wealth if they understand and apply the principles he teaches. He resides in Zurich, Switzerland with his wife and six children.
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