KI 2002: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

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September 2002



This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Annual German Conference on Arti?cial Intelligence. When starting in 1975 as the German Workshop on AI (GWAI) in Bonn, the meetings were primarily intended as a forum for the G- manAIcommunityandthus,overtheyears,alsore?ectedthedevelopmentofAI researchinGermany.Rightfromthebeginning,thegoalofthemeetingshasbeen to bring together AI researchers working in academia and industry to share their research results and interests in the ?eld of arti?cial intelligence. In 1993, the name of the meeting changed to its current formAnnual German Conference on Arti?cial Intelligence, or KI for short. Since KI-94 in Saarbruc ken presentations have been in English and the proceedings have been published in the Springer LNAI Series. With that the meeting has become a truly international event, and still is in 2002. Thisvolumecontainstheproceedingsofthe25thAnnualGermanConference on Arti?cial Intelligence. For the technical program we had 58 submissions from 17 countries and from all continents except Australia. Out of these contributions slightly less than 30% (20 papers in total) were selected for presentation at the conference and for inclusion in the proceedings. Thecontributionsinthisvolumere?ecttherichnessanddiversityofarti?cial intelligence research. They cover important areas such as multi-agent systems, machine learning, natural language processing, constraint reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, and temporal reasoning. The paper On the problem of computing small representations of least common subsumers by Franz Baader and Anni-Yasmin Turhan (Dresden U- versity of Technology) stood out for its exceptional quality and the program committee selected it for the Springer Best Paper Award. Congratulations to the authors for their excellent contribution.


Natural Language.- LIGHT - A Constraint Language and Compiler System for Typed-Unification Grammars.- Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation.- Compiling Dynamic Agent Conversations.- Machine Learning - Combined Approaches.- Dynamic Pricing of Information Products Based on Reinforcement Learning: A Yield-Management Approach.- Incremental Fuzzy Decision Trees.- Learning from Multiple Bayesian Networks for the Revision and Refinement of Expert Systems.- Knowledge Representation, Semantic Web, AI Planning.- On the Problem of Computing Small Representations of Least Common Subsumers.- Approximate Information Filtering on the Semantic Web.- ParleE: An Adaptive Plan Based Event Appraisal Model of Emotions.- Integrating Function Application in State-Based Planning.- Machine Learning - Neural Networks.- Fast Winner-Takes-All Networks for the Maximum Clique Problem.- Augmenting Supervised Neural Classifier Training Using a Corpus of Unlabeled Data.- Learning of Class Descriptions from Class Discriminations: A Hybrid Approach for Relational Objects.- Logic Programming - Theorem Proving - Model Checking.- The Well-Founded Semantics Is a Stratified Fitting Semantics.- Axiomatization of Finite Algebras.- Algorithms for Guiding Clausal Temporal Resolution.- Vision and Spatial Reasoning.- Axiom - A Modular Visual Object Retrieval System.- Representation of Behavioral Knowledge for Planning and Plan-Recognition in a Cognitive Vision System.- Qualitative Velocity and Ball Interception.- Spatial Inference - Learning vs. Constraint Solving.- Invited Presentations.- From Simulated Dialogues to Interactive Performances with Virtual Actors.- Time, Knowledge, and Cooperation: Alternating-Time Temporal Epistemic Logic and Its Applications.- Semantic Web Enabled Web Services.- DFG Priority Programs.- DFG Priority Program RoboCup (SPP-1125) Cooperating Teams of Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments.- DFG Priority Program (SPP-1083) Intelligent Agents and Realistic Commercial Application Scenarios.- DFG Priority Program (SPP-1077) Socionics - Investigating and Modelling Artificial Societies.


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