The State of the Nation's Ecosystems: Measuring the Lands, Waters, and Living Resources of the United States

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Revised and updated periodically, "The State of the Nation's Ecosystems "is widely recognized as America's most comprehensive report on the condition of our lands, waters, and living resources. This second edition provides nonpartisan, scientifically reliable information for policymakers, scientists, journalists, and anyone who is interested in the state of America's environment.


At the crossroads of science and environmental policy, The Heinz Center brings leaders together from business, government, academia, and environmental groups to brainstorm solutions that are both scientifically and economically sound. Founded in 1995 in honor of Senator H. John Heinz III, the Center's guiding philosophy is that only by working together can we solve today's environmental challenges and leave the world a better place for generations to come.


"This authoritative report is what both the public and policymakers most need." - EDWARD O. WILSON, HARVARD UNIVERSITY"
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