History Education and International Relations: A Case Study of Diplomatic Disputes Over Japanese Textbooks

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First in-depth study to examine the implications of history education in the context of international relations (interstate and transnational), focusing on Japanese textbooks. The author argues that despite a widespread recognition that our grasp of history has some relevance to our views and attitudes towards foreign countries and peoples.


Preface and Acknowledgements; 1 Introduction; 2 Government influences and the domestic educational environment; 3 The domestic environment and its interaction with the external environment; 4 History education in Japan; 5 The Japanese history textbook disputes in the 1980s (Part I); 6 The Japanese history textbook disputes in the 1980s (Part II); 7 Twenty-five years on - cross-border interactions in historical knowledge; 8 Conclusion; Appendices; Bibliography; Index


Mutsumi Hirano is a visiting research fellow at the Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science. She received her Ph.D. at the International Relations Department, LSE. Her writings include 'Sino-Japanese Relations at the Turn of Century' (The International Spectator) and 'Whither Japan's Foreign Policy?' (forthcoming working paper, ARC/LSE). Her research interests are International Relations Theory, Foreign Policy Analysis, Japan's regional and international relations since 1945 and Japan's foreign policy behaviour and its foreign policy issues. As a researcher in the financial sector, she also writes on Asian politics and economies for institutional investors.
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