Victorian Women Travellers in Meiji Japan: Discoering a 'New' Land

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März 2009



Complementing other published works about travel by nineteenth-century women writers by locating and creating 'space' for Japan is missing within recent critical discourses on travel writing, it examines narratives of women writers who travelled to Japan from the mid-1850s onwards, and became a highly desirable travel destination thereafter.


List of illustrations; Map of Japan; Introduction; PART ONE: The literature of travel; 1 Victorian women travel writers and the positioning of Japan in the genre of travel; 2 Japan in the Victorian imagination; PART TWO: Travellers-by-default; 3 The diplomatic service and the position of the wives of diplomats; 4 Mrs Christopher Pemberton Hodgson; 5 Mrs Hugh Fraser; 6 Baroness Albert d'Anethan; 7 The japanese novels, short stories and poetry of Mrs Fraser and Baroness d'Anethan; PART THREE: Travellers-by-intent; 8 AnnaD'A; 9 Alice M. Frere; 10 Annie Brassey; 11 Isabella Bird; 12 Marie Stopes; Afterword: The end of the Meiji period and beyond; Bibliography; Index


Lorraine Sterry returned to post-graduate study at La Trobe University in 1998 after a successful teaching career in secondary education. In 2000 she completed a Graduate Diploma in Humanities and Social Sciences (Asian Studies), and in 2007 received her Ph.D from La Trobe for her research into Victorian women travellers in Meiji Japan, which forms the basis of the present volume.
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