New York Yankees: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports

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September 2008



The first MLB franchise to be featured in the new, exciting, and completely original Sports by the NumbersTM series!THE TEAM: The New York Yankees is the greatest franchise in sports history with forty Hall of Fame legends, thirty-nine American League Pennants, twenty-six World Series titles, and the largest fan base in professional sports. The Sports by the NumbersTM franchise unlocks the storied history of the "Bronx Bombers" by providing fans with a unique and captivating look at the legends who make us all dream of wearing pinstripes.THE FORMAT: The presentation created by the authors distinguishes Sports by the NumbersTM from everything else available today. New York Yankees is composed of ten chapters, each offering one hundred numbered "mini-stories"-facts, anomalies, records, coincidences, and enthralling lore and trivia. Each chapter begins with a stirring introduction highlighting the many exciting stories detailed in that chapter.INTERACTIVE: Numerical entries tagged with SBTN-All Star and SBTN-Hall of Fame logos are scattered throughout this book. These logos indicate that more information is available at our website www.sportsbythenumbers.com. Just click on the athletic locker in the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage and access additional reading material, audio and video clips, and more.Sports by the NumbersTM books are not just for die-hard sports fans, but for every fan and sports history reader who loves sports and wants to know more about their heroes and favorite teams. They will quench any fan's thirst for entertainment and knowledge.About the Authors: Daniel J. Brush is currently working on his Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma. David Horneis a professional educator and former high school athletic director currently pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of Oklahoma. Marc CB Maxwell is a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma and is the author of Surviving Military Separation: 365 Days (Savas Beatie, 2007).

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