DNA Computing

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Februar 2005



This is the first text and monograph about DNA computing, a molecular approach that might revolutionize our thinking and ideas about computing. Although it is too soon to predict whether computer hardware is likely to change from silicon to carbon and from microchips to DNA molecules, the theoretical premises have already been studied extensively. The book starts with an introduction to DNA-related matters, the basics of biochemistry and language and computation theory, and progresses to the advanced mathematical theory of DNA computing.Apart from being well-known scientists, all three authors are known for their lucid writing. Many of their previous books have become classics in their field, and this book too is sure to follow their example.


Introduction: DNA Computing in a Nutshell.- I: Background and Motivation.- 1 DNA: Its Structure and Processing.- 2 Beginnings of Molecular Computing.- II: Mathematical Theory.- 3 Introduction to Formal Language Theory.- 4 Sticker Systems.- 5 Watson-Crick Automata.- 6 Insertion-Deletion Systems.- 7 Splicing Systems.- 8 Universality by Finite H Systems.- 9 Splicing Circular Strings.- 10 Distributed H Systems.- 11 Splicing Revisited.


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