Zoe's Extraordinary Holiday Adventures

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Oktober 2007



Zoe loves school, and she has great friends, but she thinks her life is boring. She will always need a wheelchair, and her parents will always want to protect her. So how in the world will she ever manage to have a real adventure?
When Zoe learns about the diverse cultures of her friends at school, life begins to shake up. Against a background of celebrating the vibrant holiday traditions of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Divali and Eid she realizes that adventures can arrive in strange packages. But the unpredictable sometimes causes problems, and Zoe needs to take charge for the first time. A story that celebrates diversity, strength, and the ties that bind people who seem different.


"Zoe is a wonderful character with a wonderful outlook in a sometimes-muddled novel. Moments such as when Zoe attempts to go up a flight of stairs while Trick-or-Treating, or when she tries make herself heard to a waitress in a restaurant are immediate and poignant. Scenes like these are where Minakiis writing is so beautifully authentic that it brought tears to my eyes on several occasions."
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