The Warrior Chronicles 04. Sword Song

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The 4th in the bestselling Alfred series from the hugely popular historical novelist and author of the "Sharpe", "Warlord" and "Grail Quest" series. Uhtred has been made Governor of London, and this novel will cover Alfred's building of towns to hold Wessex and push into Mercia. The previous title in the series, "The Lords Of The North", reached Number 2 on the "Sunday Times" bestseller list, staying in the top ten for 9 weeks. 'Cornwell's narration is quite masterly and supremely well-researched.' "Observer"




Bernard Cornwell was born in London, raised in Essex and now lives in the USA. In addition to the Sharpe series, he is the author of the Arthurian series, the Warlord Chronicles; the Starbuck Chronicles on the American Civil War; Stonehenge; Gallows Thief; the Grail Quest series; and his new series, set during the reign of King Alfred.


Praise for 'The Lords of the North': 'Beautifully crafted story-telling, complete with splendid set-piece battles and relentless derring-do, so gripping that it rarely stops to catch a breath. It demonstrates once again Cornwell's enormous skill as a historical narrator. He would have graced Alfred's court entertaining the guests with his stories' Daily Mail 'Cornwell takes the spectres of ninth century history and puts flesh back on their bones. Here is Alfred's world restored - impeccably researched and illuminated with the colour and passion of a master storyteller' Justin Pollard, author of 'Alfred the Great' Praise for Bernard Cornwell: 'Bernard Cornwell is a literary miracle. Year after year, hail, rain, snow, war and political upheavals fail to prevent him from producing the most entertaining and readable historical novels of his generation.' Daily Mail 'Cornwell's narration is quite masterly and supremely well-researched' Observer
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