As the Earth Spins: The Drama Begins

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Dezember 2007



Tyreke and Eve Maxey are a happily married couple, and they are ready to embark on a new life: a brand new house and a brand new baby boy on the way. They are ready to embrace the world, and the world is ready to embrace them. However, several serious milestones are ready to overtake the couple and break up their happy home. Even though it is not disclosed in this episode of the book, the couple succumbs to those tragic events in their lives. As the Earth Spins: The Drama Begins opens up with life after Tyreke and Eve's divorce. Their son, Tyreke Maxey, Jr. (TJ), is now five years old, and they are both contemplating if they made the right decision in getting a divorce. Each of them learns that as the earth spins, there will be consequences for every thing that you do.

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