The Forgotten Jesus

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Dezember 2007



Millions of American church members cannot name the four gospels. Millions of church members have reinvented Jesus' god as a god of 'fun' and prosperity while proclaiming their belief in Jesus. Little wonder, then, that Jesus' teachings in the gospels are so little practiced by those who claim to follow him. Little wonder that indifference to those teachings is epidemic in today's churches. In this little book of prophecy the author invites us all to rediscover the benefits and the costs of actually relating with the creator god. This book may be injurious to your peace of mind if: ? There really is a creator god ? You think he needs your money ? Jesus really was God's son and messenger ? Jesus was serious about the lessons he taught ? You believe church membership guarantees salvation. Remember, saying you 'believe in' Jesus Christ doesn't count for a thing if you ignore or neglect his teachings and examples.

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