A Mountain of Strength: A Mountain Top Experience Through the Seasons of Life

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Januar 2008



A metaphorical comparison of the human journey through Life, to the Seasons of Nature. Learning how to react to change is essential for success. While the earth travels through the storm and rotates through the seasons, so do our lives. The earth has survived for many decades and so will you. While we look toward the spring for the beauty that it brings, we can look toward overcoming the challenges of life. Change has to happen in order for growth to occur, both in nature and in our lives. This book allows you to take a look at yourself and where you are in life. Life is like a school, every day we learn a new lesson. We build monuments in our lives. We create our own history. Things change unexpectedly, but we have to move on. We also have to pass on our experiences to those who follow, it's like passing the baton in order to win the race. Most importantly, we have to love and we have to enjoy life no matter what. Our reaction is important for happiness and for success. I have shared some of my experiences and I hope that as you read this book some lives will be touched and some will be changed knowing that there is hope in every circumstance. I hope you will have a better understanding and a more positive reaction to change.

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