A Cancurious Journey Plus Other Adventures

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Januar 2008



I have written this book to encourage others who have been diagnosed with cancer, to show that cancer can be beaten provided that you take the right positive attitude, how by making use of alternative therapies can improve the outlook on future, how by altering your diet can help make things easier to cope with and also to give some extra positive emotional support. Because sadly, the NHS does not appear to provide adequate emotional support to people who at a time of need are not even asked if they require any counselling for the shock they receive at this type of news. And to give carers some idea of what their loved ones are feeling or maybe a insight to how the treatments are affecting them or the one being cared for at a highly emotional time and not knowing what the future might bring for them all. Lastly, all the profits from the sale of this book are going to Hospice Care in Cornwall, as they do not recieve much funding from the Government and more should be done to finance their type of work for the cared for and their carers.

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