Mary McLeod Bethune: Words of Wisdom

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Mary McLeod Bethune was a great educator, advisor to U.S. presidents, leader of "the Black Cabinet," founder of Bethune Cookman University, and National Council of Negro Women. Some of the great legacies of Mary McLeod Bethune are left in her abundant records from decades of dedicated service to the public. The book is designed to recapture some of those words of wisdom which speak to the present generation. She was one of the most influential people of the twentieth century. Her words can be very strengthening and stimulating. Mary McLeod Bethune had one of the most dramatic careers ever played at any time on the stage of human endeavors. She was a great woman of vision, courage, perseverance, and endurance. Indeed, many people still look up to her as an inspiration to all human beings regardless of political, cultural, ethnic background. Her faith in God was remarkable, and her philosophy of living and serving transcended nationality, gender, and race. She was an educator who shared her passion for education with the world. There is a certain amount of inspiration in this book that can motivate all readers to new and greater heights.

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