Wealth Effect Africa in Midst of Global Economic Transformation

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WEALTH EFFECT - Africa in Midst of Global Economic Transformation is a book that seeks to illustrate the evolving nature of the global market and how countries are interplaying in that arena. The book delves into historical facts, critiques and outlines some key policy steps being (or that could be) implemented, whilst trying to understand how that can yield better results for Africa. WEALTH EFFECT also takes an incisive look at how activities in other emerging markets as well as advanced societies are influencing changes on the continent, that was recently called the "Final Frontier" for Adventurous Investors by Merrill Lynch. The conclusion is that African nations must be ready and capable of playing by a new set of rules in this transformational phase, to not only successfully wrestle hunger, poverty, disease, joblessness and other developmental deficiencies but also attain greater economic heights.

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