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Sixteenth century Europe in the forests and mountains surrounding Bedburg, Germany. Between what he is and what he will become, in a place known as the Unmasking, Stubbe witnesses an event that will question not only his beliefs, but his identity. Baffin Island, modern day. At the hands of men, Samoth witnesses the death of his Alpha, leading him across the tundra on a journey of revenge away from all he holds dear. They are Pack, creatures of human myth and superstition, hidden from human eyes. Under the watch and guidance of Labourant, the First Wolf and Man of the Forest, the master and servant of all He has created, their journies will end and there they will face the sins they committed and suffered and the monsters they have become. Twined in past and present, their destinies meet in that place without time, between what is and what is yet to be: the Unmasking.

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