Making Sense of Weight Management

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If you are overweight, the idea of submitting to yet another 'prescribed diet' for the remainder of your life will never appeal. Whatever your background, the menu 'framework' in this book will allow you to adapt the 'model' to the varied foods of your taste and culture and control your weight through intelligent dieting. Once you have read the process at the beginning of this book, you too will know how to do it. It's so easy! A commonsense healthy diet includes all of the food groups; fresh meat, fresh poultry, fresh fish and seafood, essential pulses, real fresh vegetables and fruit, wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks, pastries, cakes, desserts and every other delicious food on offer, ALL IN MODERATION! Most of the food in this book draws on the delights of French and Mediterranean family cooking, the sort of 'real food' we eat every day though slightly modified to suit a lower fat/calorie model. I hope that it will make a positive difference to your life. Lili Tainsh

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