Flaming Woks and Pans: Recipes from Around the World

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I was asked by my brother Peter and some members of the Cumbrian Womens Institute to write a book on some of the recipes I have used in my Cooking Demonstrations that I used to do for him and his charity fund raising evenings. We would invite about 120 to 150 local W I members; we would start the evening off with a light buffet I had prepared and it would be followed by a cooking demonstration lasting an hour and 20 minutes. Where I would cook a number of starters, main courses and desserts and the audience could sample the food and I would answer questions along the way. I have added many more recipes of my own to this book, some I have picked up on holidays and added a twist to them, others I have been given them from fellow workers and friends. Hope that you will enjoy reading this book and use some of the recipes at your next dinner party.

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