Rethinking Postcolonialism: Colonialist Discourse in Modern Literatures and the Legacy of Classical Writers

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April 2008



Acheraiou challenges postcolonial discourse analysis and proposes a new model of interpretation that resituates the historical, ideological and conceptual denseness of the Colonial idea. He questions key issues, including hybridity, Otherness and territoriality, and expands the postcolonial field by introducing ground-breaking theoretical concepts.


Acknowledgements Introduction PART 1 - COLONIALIST DISCOURSE: A RHETORICAL AND IDEOLOGICAL PALIMPSEST Modern Europe and Classical Connections Imperial Ideology: Between Totality and Differentiation Impact of Classical Discourse of Barbarism on Modern Colonial Taxonomies Colonialism: From Hegemony to Infantilism Modernist Writers, Classical Ideal, and Empire PART II - MODERNIST LITERATURE AND COLONIALISM: BETWEEN CONTEXT AND COMPLICITY Modernism, Modernity and Imperialism Culture, Civilisation and Inter-Racial Encounters: Joseph Conrad's Almayers' Folly Redeeming the Colonial Idea: Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness Pedagogy of Re-Colonialisation of the Peaceful Re-Conquest: Andre Gide's Voyage au Congo Split Between Radical Rhetoric and Conservative Practices: Graham Greene's Journey Without Maps Getting out of the 'Nightmares' of History and 'Stiff' Imperial Culture: Albert Camus Conclusion Notes Works Cited Index


AMAR ACHERAIOU has taught in Algeria, Scotland and France. He has published numerous articles in American, British and French referred journals on modernist literatures, postmodernist thought and postcolonial theories. He is a regular reader and book reviewer for Conradiana and is Canadian Comparative Literature Association's Regional Representative for Quebec. He is currently editing Conrad and the Orient (forthcoming) and working on a book project entitled Post-Imperial Europe: Culture, Race, Identity.
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