Strip Method Design Handbook

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The Strip Method Design Handbook is a thorough guide to the use of the strip method, developed by Arne Hillerborg, for design of reinforced concrete slabs. The strip method of design is relevant to many types of slabs including rectangular slabs with all sides supported and regular flat slabs with cantilevering parts. The author discusses unevenly distributed loads, concentrated loads and the influence of openings as well as joist floors and prestressed slabs.This book provides a practical guide for the designer demonstrating how to use the strip method in a wide range of design situations specific to a slab type. The method is illustrated throughout with numerical examples and the analysis is rationalised with approximations and formulas for the calculation of design moments.


Notation. Conversion factors. Preface. Introduction. Fundamentals of the strip method. Rectangular slabs with all sides supported. Rectangular slabs with one free edge. Rectangular slabs with two free edges. Triangular slabs. Slabs with non-orthogonal edges. Regular flat slabs with uniform loads. Regular flat slabs with non-uniform loads. Irregular flat slabs. L-shaped slabs and large wall openings. Openings in slabs. Systems of continuous slabs. Joist floors. Prestressed slabs. References. Index.
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