Quantitative Modeling of Earth Surface Processes

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This advanced textbook describes quantitative techniques for modeling Earth surface processes in geomorphology.


1. Preface; 2. Introduction; 3. The diffusion equation; 4. Flow routing; 5. The advection/wave equation; 6. Flexural isostasy; 7. Non-Newtonian flow equations; 8. Instabilities; 9. Stochastic processes; Appendix 1. Codes for solving the diffusion equation; Appendix 2. Codes for flow routing; Appendix 3. Codes for solving the advection equation; Appendix 4. Codes for solving the flexure equation; Appendix 5. Codes for modeling non-Newtonian flows; Appendix 6. Codes for modeling instabilities; Appendix 7. Codes for modeling stochastic processes; References; Index.


Jon Pelletier was awarded a Ph.D. in geological sciences from Cornell University in 1997. Following two years at the California Institute of Technology as the O.K. Earl Prize Postdoctoral Scholar, he was made an associate professor of geosciences at the University of Arizona where he teaches geomorphology. Dr Pelletier's research involves mathematical modeling of a wide range of surface processes on Earth and other planets, including the evolution of mountain belts, the transport and deposition of dust in arid environments, and fluvial and glacial processes on Mars.


'Revolutionary! A new powerful instrument for the study of the Earth's surface that will change the intellectual landscape of this discipline. Rigorous and engaging, this book will train a new generation of scientists in the tools and techniques of quantitative surface processes. Indispensable for anyone interested in process geomorphology from a modern point of view.' Sergio Fagherazzi, Boston University '... the strength of Pelletier's book is on demonstrating practical techniques to solve classic geomorphic problems. ... The style of writing is at times almost avuncular, guiding the reader through a series of computationally efficient techniques to solve basic problems. ... There are typically about five exercises at the end of each chapter to test one's knowledge of the programming techniques discussed. The questions are practical, interesting and well chosen, and answers build up incrementally. ... a vital resource for any student or researcher interested in earth surface processes.' Area 'Jon Pelletier has authored a surprisingly detailed textbook which describes some of the most important, or, as he writes in the introduction, most effective and straightforward quantitative techniques for modeling Earth surface processes ... the book provides its own refreshing trajectory ... This particular path through the different realms of geomorphology provides the reader [with] a direct route through sophisticated ways [of] modeling Earth surface processes.' Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie
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