Politics of Ethnic Cleansing: Nation-State Building and Provision of In/Security in Twentieth-Century Balkans

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This book examines the causes and consequences of ethnic cleansing in the twentieth century Balkans. The analysis offers a top-down interpretation of the expulsion of ethno-national minorities as a means of state-building and questions the argument for forced homogenization as a conflict resolution strategy. In providing a thorough and consistent analysis of large-scale episodes of ethinic cleansing, the book fills an important gap in existing conflict and peace studies literature.


Chapter 1 Table of Contents Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 Acronyms Chapter 4 1 Introduction Chapter 5 2 Mass Expulsions in Twentieth-Century Balkans Chapter 6 3 Ethnic Cleansing and Nation-State Building in the 1990s former Yugoslavia Chapter 7 4 Provision of In/Security Chapter 8 5 Alternative Explanations Revisited Chapter 9 6 Conclusion Chapter 10 Bibliography Chapter 11 Index Chapter 12 About the Author


Klejda Mulaj is Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Exeter, United Kingdom.


Despite its scholarly analysis, The Politics of Ethnic Cleansing is written in an easily accessible style and should appeal to anyone with an interest in the Balkans or conflict studies in general. This book is well researched and well written throughout, and fills an important gap in literature. This ambitious book deserves to be widely read. International Affairs A major book-learned but never pedantic. The author provides a thought-provoking, humane and incisive guide to one of the terrible practices of modern politics. She has a rare, imaginative grasp of an unimaginably harsh period of history-our own. -- Christopher Coker, London School of Economics
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