The Many Faces of Biblical Humor: A Compendium of the Most Delightful, Romantic, Humorous, Ironic, Sarcastic, or Pathetically Funny Stories and Statem

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Part 1 Preface Chapter 2 The Torah Chapter 3 Early History Chapter 4 Days of the Kings Chapter 5 Wisdom Literature Chapter 6 The Prophets Chapter 7 The Synoptic Gospels Chapter 8 The Gospel of John Chapter 9 The Acts of the Apostles Chapter 10 Humor in the Letters Chapter 11 Summary Part 12 Glossary of Hebrew and Greek Terms Part 13 Index of Scriptures Part 14 About the Author


David A. Peters is the McDonnell Douglas Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. He is registered as a Professional Engineer in Missouri and Georgia, and is an active member of several societies including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the International Association for Computational Mechanics. Professor Peters has taught engineering classes at several universities including Georgia Tech. and Nanjing Aeronautical Institute in China. At present, he writes charming works such as The Many Faces of Biblical Humor, and continues to teach and lecture extensively, and do research in engineering.


This book fills a tremendous need in hermeneutics. There is nothing else on the market that treats Biblical humor so completely and so well. I do not believe there is a single instance of humor in the Bible that Dr. Peters has not covered. -- Dr. Tim Deatrick, pastor Dr. Peters does a great job of telling the Bible stories and of helping the reader to see Bible characters as real people with many of the same emotions and experiences we have today. The book is full of great stories, and he does a fantastic job of bringing each of them to life. -- Elly West, Professional Editor There is certainly no book anything like this on the shelves of Christian bookstores today. -- Pastor Kurt Lutjens We proofread the manuscript in great detail, and there were smiley-faces all around. We especially enjoyed the humor in Days of the Kingsssss -- Alice Talent (teacher) & Keith Talent (DJ) Dr. Peters has an exceptional gift for communication, a wide devotion to and knowledge of Scripture, and a gargantuan sense of humor! His paraphrases of Scripture are charming. He is a smart and accomplished, "find" writer who has what it takes. -- The Writer's Edge We proofread the manuscript in great detail, and there were smiley-faces all around. We especially enjoyed the humor in Days of the Kings -- Alice Talent (teacher) & Keith Talent (DJ)
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