Young Women's Monologues from Contemporary Plays #2: Professional Auditions for Aspiring Actresses

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April 2008



So well-liked was the first collection of these contemporary monologues that we offer this sequel by popular demand. The monologues are wildly funny, tragically sad and yet courageous. The ultimate journey for this collection is to create the possibility of living lovingly as equals in our modern world. The monologues are organized in chapter thmes with brief sketches to set the scene. The collection features well-known playwrights -- Arthur Miller, Wendy Wasserstein, August Wilson -- and many superb, emerging new writers. There are several original monologues written especially for classroom discussion and exploration. Sample titles include: The Last Yankee by Arthur Miller, Boy Meets Girl by Wendy Wassersteln, The Underpants adapted by Steve Martin, Romantic Fools by Rich Orloff, Voices from September 11 by Lavonne Mueller, Funnylogues for Women by Mort Kaufman, Roger Karshner and Zeda Abel, W.A.C. Iraq by Mel Nieves and many more.


Reflections in the Mirror: Audition Blueprint;
Through the Looking Glass: Analysis and Rehearsal Techniques;
Comic Mirrors: Funhouse and Fantasy;
Cracked Mirrors: Dark and Distorted;
Stained Mirrors: Pain and Sorrow;
Shattered Mirrors: Fire and Ice;
Mirror Images: Duo Scenes.
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