Overcoming the Senior Slump: Meeting the Challenge with Internships

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The static state of public education continues to plague educational leaders and educators. The acceptance of the status quo of public education is recognized by all of us, and it is time to look at radical change. The college drop-out rate continues to be a serious problem, and it is time to take a hard look at what secondary education is all about. After the junior year of high school, most students have completed the mandated courses and examinations. This is the time when we must challenge our students, emulate the college experience regarding academic rigor and change, make students truly look outside of their insular adolescent world and see what life is all about.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Adolescence To Adulthood Chapter 3 Secondary Education Today Chapter 4 The Postsecondary Experience Chapter 5 The Internship Movement Chapter 6 Nine Stories From The Field Chapter 7 Student Internships: Shaping The High School Experience Chapter 8 The Portal To Success And Personal Growth Chapter 9 The Impact Of The Internship Expereince On Life Beyond College Chapter 10 Reccomendations For Parents, Schools, Students And Postsecondary Institutions Chapter 11 The Parents Role Chapter 12 The Role Of The Secondary School Chapter 13 Student Responsibilities Chapter 14 The Role Of The Postsecondary Institutions Chapter 15 Final Thoughts


Randall Glading has worked in public high schools for the past twenty-seven years. He has worked with thousands of students who have experienced the "senior slump" and is committed to changing the status quo.


Senioritis, Senior Slump, Goofing Off, and how best to prevent it: give these 12th graders something "grown up" to do! How about interning? Helping their community? Read Glading and get the picture of growing up, now! -- Bruce S. Cooper, professor of education, Fordham University Graduate School of Education Dr. Glading challenges secondary schools to prepare students to lead, serve and make a difference while they are seniors in high school. Through a number of venues, including internships, mentoring programs and other relevant work-study experiences, Dr. Glading suggests how seniors can learn to be responsible, committed and thoughtful students. Preparing students for college and life can happen both in and outside of the high school classroom. Dr. Glading gives practical suggestions for how those outside experiences...make [the] senior year relevant, reflective and rigorous. -- Dr. Ralph Napolitano, superintendent, Yorktown Central Schools (NY) Rather than reading another book on the complex issues surrounding the shortcomings of our youth of today, Glading's Overcoming the Senior Slump takes a proactive look at how we - parents and educators - should collaborate on innovative ways of socially framing our student's development outside the classroom. The stories of success portrayed should make all parents rethink how we need to ask our schools to take a lead role in the educational process for our children outside of school. -- Thomas Ellett, PhD, associate vice president for Student Affairs, New York University
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