Twice Exceptional Kids

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Twice Exceptional Kids provides strategies for all educators and parents interested in providing the appropriate education for these special children and helping them achieve to their fullest potential.


Chapter 1 Who Are the Twice-exceptional? Chapter 2 Models of Service for the Twice-Exceptional Student Chapter 3 Asperger's Syndrome Chapter 4 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)Autism/PDD Chapter 5 Deafness and Hearing Loss Chapter 6 Dyslexia Chapter 7 Emotional Disturbance Chapter 8 Epilepsy Chapter 9 Learning Disabilities Chapter 10 Traumatic Brain Injury Chapter 11 Visual Impairments Chapter 12 Four Questions and Answers Chapter 13 Advocacy for Twice- Exceptional Chapter 14 Twice Exceptional Children Speak To Us


Dr. Callard-Szulgit Ed.D has thirty-seven years of experience in education, with a focus on gifted children, their education and parenting. She is currently an adjunct professor with the State University at Buffalo and runs her own education consulting business, Partners for Excellence in Rochester, NY.


Having worked with exceptional children, I understand the need for parents, teachers and counselors to address the challenges with this very special group of children and teens. With the challenges come great rewards. I believe this book will enlighten and inspire all who read it. -- Debra Welborn, author, speaker, and founder of the non-profit agency: Community Health Management Services, Inc. Dr. Callard-Szulgit has written a comprehensive, up-to-date, and informative book about a neglected segment of our school population: gifted children with one or more diagnosed disabilities. The format of the book is approachable, especially for parents, as it provides explanations of each of the twice exceptional categories, as well as useful tips for addressing these issues with school personnel. Too, her use of personal vignettes of students she knows who possess these dual exceptionalities adds a realistic and tender perspective to this important, understudied topic. I applaud Dr. Callard-Szulgit for providing a needed resource to both parents and professionals. -- James R. Delisle, Ph.D., distinguished professor of education, Kent State University (OH) Rosemary Szulgit's new book, Twice-Exceptional Kids offers insights and suggestions for parents and professionals. Often misunderstood and frequently neglected or ignored, twice-exceptional children finally are given the attention they deserve. This book provides relevant case studies, strategies, and ideas for teaching and working with twice-exceptional children. This book could also serve as a supplementary text in a course about children with disabilities. -- Janet Medina, Psy.D., associate professor, Department of Education, McDaniel College (MD)
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