Principal to Principal: Conversations in Servant Leadership and School Transformation

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This book goes inside the hearts and minds of two principals, thus peeling back the layers of organizational culture that are rarely seen. Readers are offered practical, authentic solutions from a servant leadership model on how to transform a school.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Self Leadership Chapter 3 Structure and Process Chapter 4 Vision Chapter 5 Lessons Learned Chapter 6 Reality Chapter 7 New Teacher Blues Chapter 8 What Lies Beneath Chapter 9 Teaching and Learning Chapter 10 Growth Plans Chapter 11 The Intramural League Chapter 12 Core Values Chapter 13 One Child Chapter 14 Halfway Chapter 15 Culture! Chapter 16 Grace, With Accountability Chapter 17 When the Fire Goes Out Chapter 18 What's Not Working? Fix It! Chapter 19 Courage Under Fire Chapter 20 Overhaul Chapter 21 Graduation Chapter 22 Saying Goodbye Chapter 23 Closing Thoughts


Rocky Wallace has served as a school principal, leadership consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education, and as an adjunct professor at Morehead State University.


Rocky Wallace offers us a common sense, easy-to-understand approach to leading today's schools. Wallace draws on his commitment to core values in making decisions that positively influence student achievement. He brings all stakeholders together in making schools a great place for learning. -- Kathy Rice, principal, Ponderosa Elementary, Catlettsburg, Kentucky All principals who care about meaningful school improvement and their legacy must read this book. Dr. Wallace captures our attention and conscious in a story of servant leadership. Full of questions and good intentions, a new principal finds the mentoring advice of the school's retiring principal priceless-as both come to better understand the impact and legacy of a principal on the school and community. -- Hobart Harmon, education consultant, author, and evaluator The insights and practical advice in [this book] are valuable tools for all school principals. Dr. Wallace's experience and personal leadership style are reflected in this outstanding dialogue between a new energetic principal and a caring values based veteran. I enjoyed each encounter and found the exchanges between the colleagues enlightening, worthwhile and authentic. -- Dan Branham, former dean, College of Education, Morehead State University (VA) ... compelling, interesting, and filled with practical advice for all school leaders regardless of their level of experience. There are so many instances when various ISSLC Standards came to my mind. It would be a great experience for practicum students to read the manuscript and code it based on the ISSLC Standards. -- David Barnett, assistant professor, Morehead State University Principal to Principal is so good! I really think this should be required reading for every administrator! What a great resource! I've read it cover to cover and I plan on keeping it as one of those special things I can go back to. I really got a lot from this book and it really is on point with a lot of my views and values. -- Brett Burns, teacher of educational technology, Owsley County High School, Booneville, Kentucky Dr. Wallace's approach to servant leadership in the education field results in an easy to read, yet profound treatise on leading the right way. Wanting to lead and needing to lead are essential but inadequate without a clear set of instructions and principles about how to lead and Dr. Wallace provides this. This should be fundamental reading for every person who aspires to education administration. -- Bruce E. Winston, dean of Regent University School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship "Servant Leadership is needed in all facets of life! I have spent a great deal of time studying servant leadership over the many years, and the one thing I am convinced of is the great need we have of it; in our lives, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our communities, in our societies, and in our world. I am also convinced of this, that each of us can be a servant leader, there is no limitation on this type of leading just as there is no limitation on leading with love, or as Robert K. Greenleaf said-this type of love has 'unlimited liability'. Dr. Rocky Wallace is a graduate of our doctoral programs here at Regent University, as well, he has attended our annual Servant Leadership Research Roundtable. The one compelling aspect of the roundtables is the telling of the stories of servant leadership-be it from the far away corners of the world or the neighbor beside us every day. I congratulate Dr. Wallace on this beautiful addition to the servant leadership literature, what a valuable addition it is. The mixture of stories, lessons, application and reflection provide a great depth for the reader. Not only is one compelled to think about servant leadership, one is compelled to act on it and consider the possibilities-that are indeed grand and noble. I hope as you read, and consider your own leadership journey, that you would embrace the idea of servant leadership and make it you're life-calling, for indeed it is greater to serve." -- Kathleen Patterson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Regent University "Four cheers for Rocky Wallace! The four volumes in his Principal to Principal series are a welcomed introduction to servant-leadership and its profound relevance in education." -- Larry C. Spears, author/editor of Insights on Leadership; president, The Spears Center for Servant-Leadership; servant-leader scholar, Gonzaga Un "School Administrators are sometimes the most isolated members of a school community. Not because they choose to be, but because the demands of their unique role cause them to be. Dr. Wallace again puts forth a powerful and practical collection of lessons that administrators can learn from, grow from, and realize that they are not alone in this important work. Each chapter provides the reader with a "real-world" scenario and the opportunity for self-reflection that can lead to a deeper understanding of self and service". -- Jeff Hawkins, President and CEO, The Greenleaf Center, Executive Director, Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative "Leaving a Legacy is an appropriate title for this book by Dr. Wallace who has exceedingly blessed the lives of students, teachers and colleagues since he entered our profession. In it he envisions what authentic, relationship focused, state of the art, effective schools should and can be. And because his vision has been informed by enormously successful, real world experiences at all levels of education, the reader will find this book both helpful and inspirational. My graduate students in educational administration often thank me for requiring them to read Dr. Wallace's books; none has ever been critical of his work! When this servant leader speaks, my students listen; and the world will become better!" -- Richard Hughes
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