The X-Ray Standing Wave Technique

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Part I: X-Ray Standing Waves in a Nutshell (Jorg Zegenhagen and Alexander Kazimirov); Dynamical Theory of X-Ray Standing Waves in Perfect Crystals (Andre Authier); X-Ray Standing Wave in Complex Crystal Structures (Victor Kohn); X-Ray Standing Wave in a Backscattering Geometry (D P Woodruff); X-Ray Standing Wave at the Total Reflection Condition (Michael J Bedzyk); X-Ray Standing Wave at Grazing Incidence and Exit (Osami Sakata and Terrence Jach); X-Ray Standing Wave in Multilayers (Michael J Bedzyk and Joseph A Libera); Kinematical X-Ray Standing Waves (Martin Tolkiehn and Dmitri V Novikov); X-Ray Waveguides (Ianna Bukreev, Alessia Cedola, Daniele Pellicia, Werner Jark and Stefano Lagomarsino); Compton Scattering from X-Ray Standing Wave Field (Vladimir Bushuev); Theory of Photoelectron Emission from an X-Ray Interference Field (Ivan A Vartanyants and Jorg Zegenhagen); Site-Specific X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Using X-Ray Standing Waves (Joseph C Woicik); Experimental Basics (Alexander Kazimirov and Jorg Zegenhagen); Part II: XSW Imaging (Michael J Bedzyk and Paul Fenter); X-Ray Standing Waves in Quasicrystals: Atomic Positions in an Aperiodic Lattice (Terrence Jach); X-Ray Standing Waves in Thin Crystals: Probing the Polarity of Thin Epitaxial Films (Alexander Kazimirov, Jorg Zegenhagen, Tien-Lin Lee and Michael Bedzyk); Isotopic Effect on the Lattice Constant of Germanium and Silicon (Alexander Kazimirov, Jorg Zegenhagen, Evgeny Sozontov, Victor Kohn and Manuel Cardona); Biomembrane Models and Organic Monolayers on Liquid and Solid Surfaces (S I Zheludeva, N N Novikova, M V Kovalchuk, N D Stepina, E A Yurieva, E YU Tereschenko and O V Konovalov); Applications of XSW in Interfacial Geochemistry (Paul Fenter); Complex Surface Phases of Sb on Si(113): Combining XSW and Density Functional Theory (M Siebert, Th Schmidt, J I Flege and J Falta); X-Ray Standing Wave Analysis of Non-Commensurate Adsorbate Structures Produced by Ga Adsorption on Ge(111) (Jorg Zegenhagen); Photon Stimulated Desorption (Jan Ingo Flege, Thomas Schmidt, Jens Falta, Alexander Hille and Gerhard Materlik); Depth-Profiling of Marker Layers Using X-Ray Waveguides (Ajay Gupta); Coherent Diffraction Imaging with Hard X-Ray Waveguides (Liberato de Caro and Cinzia Giannini, Daniele Pelliccia, Alessia Cedola and Stefano Lagomarsino); X-Ray Standing Wave for Chemical-State Specific Surface Structure Determination (D P Woodruff); Site-Specific X-Ray Photoelectron Spectra of Transition-Metal Oxides (Joseph C Woicik); Probing Multilayer Nanostructures with Photoelectron and X-Ray Emission Spectroscopies Excited by X-Ray Standing Waves (S-H Yang, B C Sell, B S Mun and C S Fadley).
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