Quantum Dissipative Systems

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Major advances in the quantum theory of macroscopic systems, in combination with experimental achievements, have brightened the field and brought it to the attention of the general community in natural sciences. This book delves into the fundamental concepts, methods, and applications of quantum dissipative systems.


Survey of the Various Approaches;
Path Integral Description of Open Quantum Systems;
Imaginary-Time and Real-Time Approaches;
Influence Functional Method;
Phenomenological and Microscopic System-Plus-Reservoir Models;
Linear and Nonlinear Quantum Environments;
Ohmic, Super-Ohmic, and Sub-Ohmic Dissipation;
Quantum Decoherence and Relaxation;
Correlation Functions, Response Functions, and Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem;
Damped Quantum Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator;
Quantum Brownian Motion;
Thermodynamic Variational Approach and Effective Potential Method;
Unified Approach to Quantum-Statistical Metastability: From Thermal Activation to Quantum Tunneling;
Electron Transfer and Incoherent Tunneling;
Macroscopic Quantum Effects in Josephson Systems;
Spin-Boson Model and Qubit;
Dissipative Two-State System: Thermodynamics and Dynamics;
Single-Charge and Cooper-Pair Tunneling;
Magnetic and Spin Tunneling;
Driven Quantum Tunneling;
Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport;
Full Counting Statistics;
Charge Transport in Quantum Impurity Systems;
Duality and Self-Duality.
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