Putting Together Professional Portfolios

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With the increasing emphasis on continuing professional development for teachers and all educational practitioners, the use of portfolios to plan, chart and review professional development is now widespread.

Drawing directly from their experience of developing portfolios and portfolio-based assessment, and from current research, this book enables the reader to:

- design and plan a portfolio

- chart and analyse relevant professional experiences

- reflect critically on practice

- assess performance against standards and competences frameworks

- present evidence of practice and achievements

- plan their continuing professional development

There are Chapter Objectives, Key Questions and Tasks in every chapter, which adds to the practical focus of the book.

An essential read for teachers, teaching assistants, any practitioner assembling a Continuing Professional Department (CPD) portfolio, those working towards further qualifications such as Chartered Teacher status, newly qualified and probationary teachers and anyone involved in supporting and mentoring CPD.


What is a portfolio?
Professional Learning
Writing a Professional Autobiography
Action Learning
Reflection as Learning
Recording Learning and Practice
Describing and Reflecting on Practice
Designing an Electronic Portfolio
Designing and Constructing Your Portfolio


Jenny Reeves has worked in the field of Continuing Professional Development, with a particular focus on leadership and management, as both a lecturer and a National Development Officer for the Scottish Qualification for Headship. She is currently Director of CPD at the School of Educationand teaches on the Chartered Teacher Programme, MEd. Professional Enquiry in Education, as well as leadership and management modules offered on the MSC Professional Enquiry.


'Each of the chapters has a number of key questions and manageable practical tasks. This enables any reader to apply the principles discussed in the book to their own professional portfolio while still allowing the freedom to select the most appropriate format' - Learning & Teaching Update
'With innovation across the spectrum of teacher experience, Putting Together Professional Portfolios will prove essential reading for educators, pre-service students and academic lecturers' - Bendigo Weekly, Australia
'Written in a straightforward, user-friendly language this book will be accessible to all educational practitioners. Sensible, practical advice is given throughout while task panels help reinforce concepts and case studies and examples help to contextualise the commentary for the reader' - European Journal of Teacher Education
'Recording, evaluating and reflecting are at the heart of what it means to be an accomplished practitioner. This book gives clear, step by step guidance and takes the reader on a journey of professional critique. There is no greater gift than to help colleagues re-examine their practice in a new light' - Graham Handscomb, Principal Adviser Essex County Council
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