Drag Thing, Or, the Strange Case of Jackle and Hyde

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Januar 2008




In Victor J. Banis's hilarious gender-bender send-up of the mutant superhero genre, hetero Peter Warren's ambition is to design women's dresses, and his most secret desire is to wear them. His cop wife, Teri, also secretly longs to see her hubby "dressed up," but hasn't yet found the right way to tell him. And when Peter drinks the "wrong stuff," he turns into the eight-foot-tall monster called Drag Thing.

Add to the pot a pair of lesbian scientists working on a formula to make women stronger and more aggressive; a trio of hapless Homeland agents planning to purloin the formula for purposes of warfare, inept gangbangers who call themselves The Moes and kidnap pets for ransom, a nefarious villain who becomes The Owl, a horny Great Dane with lavender toenails, and a monster cat who turns into Franken-pussy, drag queen Lorelie Lee, Nurse Gladys Kravitz and her homophobic husband, Abner, and a naughty trick or two, and the result is a genuine treat for the reader!

Gentlemen, start your broomsticks....
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