Dynamical Systems

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The topics of the papers are central to dynamics, and include bifurcation theory, ergodic theory, real and complex foliations, fractal dimensions, polynomial vector fields, symbolic dynamics hyperbolicity, quasi-periodic systems, expansive maps and Riemannian geometry.


Cantor sets, numerical invariants and Perron Frobenius theory A modulus of stability for the Sil'nikov theorem Heteroclinic orbits for singularly perturbed differential-difference equations Simultaneous Hopf bifurcations at the origin and infinity for cubic systems Nondensity of ()-stable endomorphisms and rough ()-stabilities for endomorphisms Supplement to homoclinic doubling bifurcation in vector fields On stable and unstable sets The fundamental theorem of Sinai-Chernov for dynamical systems with singularities Singular perturbations of autonomous ordinary differential equations and heteroclinic bifurcation Expansivity and length expansivity for geodesic flows on surfaces Rigidity of the C1-centralizer of bidimensional diffeomorphisms Poisson brackets and dynamics A note on algebraic solutions of foliations in dimension two Lines of curvature near hyperbolic principal cycles Arithmetic, geometry and dynamics in the unit tangent bundle of the modular orbifold Th ree dimensional expansive homeomorphisms Introduction to the ergodic theory of plan billiards
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