Quicken 2002 Deluxe for Macintosh: The Official Guide

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Oktober 2001



This guide teaches the practical uses of Quicken for Macintosh software - the chapter topics are organized like the product for easy familiarity. It includes coverage of all the product features, menu items and tools for financial management, and the book walks you through the setup and use of Quicken for balancing your checkbook, tracking your investments online, online banking, and more.


Part I Quicken setup and basics: getting to know Quicken; setting up accounts and categories; going online with Quicken and Quicken.com. Part II Managing your bank and credit card accounts: recording bank and credit card transactions; online banking with Quicken. Part III Tracking your investments: tracking investments; using online investment tracking tools; maximizing investment returns. Part IV Managing your assets and debts: monitoring assets and loans; managing home, car and insurance expenses. Part V Saving money and achieving your goals: saving money at tax time; saving money and reducing debt; planning for the future. Part VI Working with Quicken data: automating Quicken transactions; reconciling accounts; insights, reports and graphs.


Maria Langer (Wickenburg, AZ) is a freelance writer, an author of more than 30 computer books, and an Internet content creator. Her computer books center around Macintosh and Windows how-to topics, including: business and productivity software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and File-Maker Pro; Web publishing software such as Adobe PageMill and Claris Home Page; financial software such as Quicken; and operating system software such as Mac OS.
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