Case Studies in Neurological Rehabilitation

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April 2008



Explores a multitude of clinical scenarios in rehabilitation medicine, advising on management issues and options.


Preface; Part I. The Rehabilitation Consultation; The Rehabilitation Unit: Part II. Medical Issues in Brain Injury Rehabilitation: 1. Post-traumatic seizures; 2. Episodic agitation following Herpes Simplex Encephalitis; 3. Hypopituitarism; 4. Anxiety following head injury; 5. Hydrocephalus following Saubarachnoid Haemorhage; 6. Autonomic impairment following brain injury; 7. Locked-in Syndrome; 8. Pharmacological management of attention impairment; 9. Rehabilitation of Pontine Myelinolysis; 10. Assessment of frontal lobe function; 11. An aggressive patient; Progressive neurological disorders: 12. Ataxia in Multiple Sclerosis; 13. Psychiatric manifestations in Huntington Disease; 14. End Stage Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy; 15. Recurrent aspiration in a Parkinson's patient; Medical complications of immobility: 16. Thromboembolism; 17. Osteoporosis; 18. Pressure sores; 19. Heterotopic ossification; Orthotics in neurological rehabilitation: 20. Secondary Scoliosis; 21. Post Polio Syndrome; 22. Charcot Joint; Ethical and medico-legal controversies: 23. Wandering patients; 24. Rehabilitation of ethnic minorities; 25. Service provision for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Chronic pain: 26. Central pain syndrome; 27. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; 28. Shoulder pain following stroke; Medically Unexplained Disabilities: 29. Conversion Syndrome; 30. Somatisation in Multiple Sclerosis; 31. Complementary and alternative medicine; Spasticity management: 32. Management of spastic Equino-varus deformity; 33. Management of severe generalised spasticity; Ventilatory support in Rehabilitation: 34. Artificial ventilation in Guillain Barre Syndrome; 35. Diaphragmatic paralysis; Sphincteric dysfunction: 36. Botulinum Toxin for Neuropathic Bladder; 37. Bowel Dysfunction following spinal injury; Communication disability: 38. Expressive aphasia; 39. Jargon aphasia; 40. Hypokinetic dysarthria; Sensory disability: 41. Cortical Blindness; 42. Visual Spatial Neglect; Prescriptions for independence: 43. Exercise prescription; 44. Vocational Rehabilitation; 45. Driving assessment; Part III. Multiple Choice Questions in Neurological Rehabilitation: Multiple Choice Questions Answers.


Tarek A-Z K Gaber is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine for Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust.


'... this book will be of value to young doctors undergoing specialist training in rehabilitation medicine or neurology. It will also be valuable in the continuous professional development of specialists active in this area.' Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 'This innovative new book provides current, highly practical and enjoyable text to refer to when dealing with the usual mix of cases seen in a typical neurological rehabilitation service. ... The author presents the cases in an uncomplicated way, allowing non-medically trained clinicians to follow the arguments with ease. ... Overall this is a well-written, interesting and handy practical guide that would be useful for any clinician dealing with long-term neurological conditions whether s/he is a doctor, therapist or nurse.' Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation '... a useful study resource and overview of common neurologic problems that arise in patients on the rehabilitation floor.' Doody's Book Review
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