Apparel: Concepts and Practical Applications

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September 2008



Changes in the past three decades have profoundly affected the field of retailing. The wealth of data now available, advances in technology for designing and producing apparel, and the changing face of management in retail organizations provide only a few examples. Consumers have become more discerning with regard to the apparel they purchase, and while price is no longer the sole determining factor for a purchase, quality remains high on the list. Technological advances and societal changes fuel the need for up-to-date information and understanding among merchandising and management executives in the retailing industry. Apparel: Concepts and Practical Applications is designed to fill that need by examining the many components involved in becoming knowledgeable about apparel.


Roots of Apparel
-- Historic Costume
-- Social and Psychological Roots of

-- The Creative Processes / Design
-- Creative Processes
-- Designers

Apparel Factors
-- Styles and Trends
-- Fabrics and Findings
-- Manufacturing Process
-- Industry Standards

Shoes and Handbags
-- Shoes and Handbags

Coordination and Marketing
-- Creating a Coordinated Image
-- Marketing Apparel Products

Making the Choice / Decision Making
-- Personal Choices
-- Organizational Decisions: Retail Choices


Barbara L. Stewart is a professor at the University of Houston.
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