The Mystery, Biography and Destiny of Mary Magdalene

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In this lean, accessible, and cogent book, Robert Powell sifts through the rubble of fads and distortions, through the shadows of misunderstanding and doubt, to reveal the true Mary Magdalene. He finds her in the work and visions of the German nun and mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich (17741824). The visions include the life of Mary Magdalene and the remarkable relationship she had with her siblings Lazarus and Martha. Joining the circle of women around the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene was prepared for the great event of discovering the empty tomb on the morning of Jesus Resurrection.


Robert Powell was born in Reading and studied mathematics at the University of Sussex. He is a eurythmist and movement therapist living in Kinsau, Germany. Powell is the author of numerous books and articles and is a cofounder of the Sophia Foundation of North America.
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