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This is not a science book, nor even a book about science, although most of the contributors are scientists. It is a book of personal stories about Walter Kohn, a theoretical physicist and winner of half of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Walter Kohn originated and/or refined a number of very important theoretical approaches and concepts in solid-state physics. He is known in particular for Density-Functional Theory. This book represents a kind of "oral history" about him, gathered - in anticipation of his 80th birthday - from former students, collaborators, fellow-scientists, and friends.


Walter Kohn as Ph.D. Advisor.
Memories of Walter Kohn at Bell Labs and After.
Walter Kohn: My Ideal of a "Man of Science".
A Twinkle in the Eyes.
The Max von Laue Kolloquium at the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin.
More Than a Founding Father.
Walter Kohn, the Chemist.
Looking 50 Years Back: Walter, on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday.
Meeting Walter Kohn.
Of Sandboxes and Silences.
A Glimpse of Walter Kohn.
Quantum Reflections.
Not a Relative, but ....
Riding Walter's Wake.
Paris Acquaintances.
Walter Kohn and the UCSB Campus.
Principle and Practice.
Thanksgiving at the Kohns.
Walter Kohn and UC Policy.
Walter Kohn and the Australian Psyche.
Reunion in History.
For Rappa on His 80th Birthday from Terry.
Meeting Walter Kohn in Internment Camp.
Meeting Walter Kohn.
Impressions of Walter Kohn.
Reminiscences of Walter.
To Know How to Count ....
My Friend and Colleague Walter Kohn.
Working with Walter.
A Chinese Portrait of Walter Kohn.
Memories of Walter Kohn in Santa Barbara.
Thinking Back.
Thank You Walter for All You Have Taught Us.
Vision Realized in Details: To Walter on His 80th Birthday.
Walter Kohn in Japan.
My Favorite "Walter Story".
Walter Kohn as a Scientist and a Citizen.
A Personal Tribute to Walter Kohn on His 80th Birthday.
Recollections of a Long Friendship.
My Recollections of Professor Walter Kohn.
With Walter: 40 Years of Friendship.
The Noble Day.
The Pleasure of Getting to Know Walter Kohn.
Happy Birthday Walter!.
Memories of a Great Scientist and a Great Person.
Many Happy Returns, Walter!.
A Postdoc with Walter.
Reminiscences on the Occasion of Walter Kohn's 80th Birthday.
Some Recollections About Walter and His Work.
Romancing the Theorem.
Crete, June 1998.
Recollections of Walter Kohn.
Walter Kohn - Points of Impact.
KKR - Reminiscences About Walter Kohn.
Cecam's Visitor!.
Nobel Mania.
Walter's Contagious Conscience.
Memorable Moments with Walter Kohn.
Impressions of Walter Kohn.
... Small Matters.
Walter Kohn in Cracow.
Walter Kohn.
A Class with Class.
Great Influences in a Small Country.
Walter's Group Parties.
He Did Effective-Mass Theory Too!.
Thoughts and Recollections of a Remarkable Man.
The Bonding of Quantum Physics with Quantum Chemistry.
My Meetings with Walter Kohn.
The Greatest Gift Is Something Worth Thinking About.
Vignettes: Switzerland, Australia, Santa Barbara.
Theory Versus Reality.
Recollections of Walter in La Jolla and Zurich.
I am Happy that the R Stands for Rostoker.
It Started with Image Charges.
A Math Teacher's Little Poem.
Stories About Walter.
A Special Reunion.
Walking and Talking in Berlin.
My Personal Walter Kohn Story.
Walter Kohn and Vienna.
We Met at the Institute in Copenhagen.
Happy Birthday, Walter.
A Mean Martini.
Lunch with Walter.
Act of Compassion.
Some Recollections of Life with Walter Kohn.
Bonjour Mon Très Cher Ami et Bonne Anniversaire.
Walter Kohn and Boris Regal: The Early Days of ITP.
Flashback to My Post-doc Days with Walter.
A Challenge to My Own Scientific Thoughts.
Walter Kohn's Influence on One Engineer.
A Tribute to Walter Kohn.
Encounters with Walter: From the Mysterious Second "K" to the Local Secretary.
An Encounter with Walter Kohn in Orsay.
Walter Kohn, World Citizen and Professor Extraordinaire.
Meeting with Walter Kohn.
My Experience of Working with Walter.
Walter Kohn: Mentor and Role Model.
The Scientist and Human Values.
Appendix I-Autobiography.
Appendix II- A Musical.
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