Developments in Language Theory

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Juni 2003



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Developments in Language Theory, DLT 2002, held in Kyoto, Japan in September 2002. The 28 revised full papers presented together with 8 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 63 submissions. Among the topics addressed are grammars and acceptors for strings, graphs, arrays, etc; efficient algorithms for languages; combinatorial and algebraic properties of languages; decision problems; relations to complexity theory, logic picture description and analysis, DNA computing, cryptography, concurrency, quantum computing, and algebraic systems.


Invited Presentations.- Computational Processes in Living Cells: Gene Assembly in Ciliates.- Experimental Quantum Computation with Molecules.- Efficient Transformations from Regular Expressions to Finite Automata.- Extended Temporal Logic on Finite Words and Wreath Product of Monoids with Distinguished Generators.- A Remark about Quadratic Trace Equations.- Infinite Snake Tiling Problems.- Decision Problems for Linear and Circular Splicing Systems.- Finite Automata Models of Quantized Systems: Conceptual Status and Outlook.- Automata on Linear Orderings.- Contributions.- Some Properties of Ciliate Bio-operations.- On the Descriptional Complexity of Some Variants of Lindenmayer Systems.- Carriers and Counters.- On the Separation between k-Party and (k - 1)-Party Nondeterministic Message Complexities.- Unary Language Operations and Their Nondeterministic State Complexity.- Constructing Infinite Words of Intermediate Complexity.- A Space Lower Bound of Two-Dimensional Probabilistic Turing Machines.- Undecidability of Weak Bisimilarity for PA-Processes.- Improved Bounds on the Number of Automata Accepting Finite Languages.- Roots and Powers of Regular Languages.- Innermost Termination of Context-Sensitive Rewriting.- A Unique Structure of Two-Generated Binary Equality Sets.- On Deterministic Finite Automata and Syntactic Monoid Size.- An Inverse Automata Algorithm for Recognizing 2-Collapsing Words.- Efficient Algorithm for Checking Multiplicity Equivalence for the Finite Z - ?*-Automata.- Some Remarks on Asynchronous Automata.- Tiling Systems over Infinite Pictures and Their Acceptance Conditions.- The Average Lengths of the Factors of the Standard Factorization of Lyndon Words.- Circular Words Avoiding Patterns.- Safety Verification for Two-Way Finite Automata with Monotonic Counters.- An Infinite Prime Sequence Can Be Generated in Real-Time by a 1-Bit Inter-cell Communication Cellular Automaton.- On the Structure of Graphic DLI-Sets.- Finite Completion of Comma-Free Codes. Part I.- On a Family of Codes with Bounded Deciphering Delay.- Abstract Families of Graphs.- Automaton Representation of Linear Conjunctive Languages.- On-Line Odometers for Two-Sided Symbolic Dynamical Systems.- Characteristic Semigroups of Directable Automata.


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