Combinatorial Pattern Matching

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The papers contained in this volume were presented at the Tenth Annual S- posium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching, held July 22 { 24, 1999 at the University of Warwick, England. They were selected from 26 abstracts subm- ted in response to the call for papers. In addition, invited lectures were given by JoanFeigenbaumfromAT&TLabsResearch(Massivegraphs:algorithms,app- cations, and open problems) and David Jones from the Department of Biology, University of Warwick (Optimizing biological sequences and protein structures using simulated annealing and genetic algorithms). The symposium was preceded by a two-day summer school set up to attract and train young researchers. The lecturers of the school were Alberto Ap- tolico (Computational Theories of Surprise), Joan Feigenbaum (Algorithmics of network-generatedmassivedatasets),Leszek Gasieniecand PaulGoldberg (The complexity of gene placement), David Jones (An introduction to computational molecularbiology), Arthur Lesk (Structuralalignmentandmaximalsubstructure extraction),Cenk Sahinalp(Questformeasuringdistancebetweenstrings:exact, approximate, and probabilistic algorithms), and Jim Storer. Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM) addresses issues of searching and matching strings and more complicated patterns such as trees, regular expr- sions, graphs, point sets, and arrays. The goal is to derive non-trivial combi- torial properties of such structures and to exploit these properties in order to achieve superior performance for the corresponding computational problems. Over recent years, a steady ?ow of high-quality research on this subject has changed a sparse set of isolated results into a fully-?edged area of algorithmics.


Shift-And Approach to Pattern Matching in LZW Compressed Text.- A General Practical Approach to Pattern Matching over Ziv-Lempel Compressed Text.- Pattern Matching in Text Compressed by Using Antidictionaries.- On the Structure of Syntenic Distance.- Physical Mapping with Repeated Probes: The Hypergraph Superstring Problem.- Hybridization and Genome Rearrangement.- On the Complexity of Positional Sequencing by Hybridization.- GESTALT: Genomic Steiner Alignments.- Bounds on the Number of String Subsequences.- Approximate Periods of Strings.- Finding Maximal Pairs with Bounded Gap.- A Dynamic Data Structure for Reverse Lexicographically Sorted Prefixes.- A New Indexing Method for Approximate String Matching.- The Compression of Subsegments of Images Described by Finite Automata.- Ziv Lempel Compression of Huge Natural Language Data Tries Using Suffix Arrays.- Matching of Spots in 2D Electrophoresis Images. Point Matching Under Non-uniform Distortions.- Applying an Edit Distance to the Matching of Tree Ring Sequences in Dendrochronology.- Fast Multi-dimensional Approximate Pattern Matching.- Finding Common RNA Secondary Structures from RNA Sequences.- Finding Common Subsequences with Arcs and Pseudoknots.- Computing Similarity between RNA Structures.


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