Wounded Warriors: Those for Whom the War Never Ends

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Oktober 2008



Wounded Warriors offers the unforgettable true stories of veterans' obstacles, adversity, and stubborn transcendence, all captured stylishly by the writer who has been called the beat poet of American journalism.


Mike Sager, a former contributing editor at Rolling Stone and GQ, is a writer at large for Esquire. Many of his stories have been optioned for film. He lives in La Jolla, California.


"San Diego CityBeat," 11/25/08
"Sager writes about people we idealize, some we ignore and those we fear...His reports, especially those from way under the mainstream cultural radar, create a mosaic of American lives that we've looked away from...His cinematic writing whets your curiosity...His self-effacing style evokes George Orwell's famous dictum that good writing should be as transparent as a pane of glass...Not everything he writes is flattering, but all of it is meticulously observed, accurate and respectful."
American Author's Association
"A book that will move you...[Sager] compassionately, and without personal prejudices, manages to gently and psychologically dissect what he sees and senses...He gives us portraits of real human beings with flesh and blood emotional issues; and yes, with their own inner wars...Entertaining and fascinating...At the end of the book, you will find yourself changed in some way...You will remember these men that you read about long after putting this book to rest." "Multicultural Review," Winter 2009
"Sager's writing is engaging, generating fascination in the situations of forgotten people...Sager expertly brings the reader close to an astonishingly diverse collection of people, exposing the gritty reality faced by those for whom the ideal image of success is out of reach...Sager weaves together eclectic stories from his long journalistic career that reveal the daily challenges faced by peripheral people who are getting by the best they know how...This collection is an important contribution."
Out & About Magazine," 2/09
"[Sager] gets into his stories so deep he almost doesn't find a way out...He goes to these places so we don't have to. Lucky for us, he comes back with some great stories."
Performances Magazine," 2/09
"Like a silver-tongued Margaret Mead, Sager slips into foreign societies almost unnoticed and lives among the natives, chronicling his observations in riveting lo
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