Number Theory and Polynomials

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Contributions by leading experts in the field provide a snapshot of current progress in polynomials and number theory.


Preface; Index of authors; List of participants; Conference photograph, with key; The trace problem for totally positive algebraic integers Julian Aguirre and Juan Carlos Peral, with an appendix by Jean-Pierre Serre; Mahler's measure: from Number Theory to Geometry Marie Jose Bertin; Explicit calculation of elliptic fibrations of K3-surfaces and their Belyi-maps Frits Beukers and Hans Montanus; The merit factor problem Peter Borwein, Ron Ferguson and Joshua Knauer; Barker sequences and flat polynomials Peter Borwein and Michael Mossinghoff; The Hansen-Mullen primitivity conjecture: completion of proof Stephen Cohen and Mateja Presern; An inequality for the multiplicity of the roots of a polynomial Arturas Dubickas; Newman's inequality for increasing exponential sums Tamas Erdelyi; On primitive divisors of n2 + b Graham Everest and Glyn Harman; Irreducibility and greatest common divisor algorithms for sparse polynomials Michael Filaseta, Andrew Granville and Andrzej Schinzel; Consequences of the continuity of the monic integer transfinite diameter Jan Hilmar; Nonlinear recurrence sequences and Laurent polynomials Andrew Hone; Conjugate algebraic numbers on conics: a survey James McKee; On polynomial ergodic averages and square functions Radhakrishnan Nair; Polynomial inequalities, Mahler's measure, and multipliers Igor E. Pritsker; Integer transfinite diameter and computation of polynomials Georges Rhin and Qiang Wu; Smooth divisors of polynomials Eira Scourfield; Self-inversive polynomials with all zeros on the unit circle Christopher Sinclair and Jeffrey Vaaler; The Mahler measure of algebraic numbers: a survey Chris Smyth.


James McKee is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Royal Holloway, University of London. Chris Smyth is a Reader in the School of Mathematics and the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh.


'... certainly interesting not only for those interested in some selected topic but also for those who like to browse the papers with the aim of extending their knowledge.' EMS Newsletter
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