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Februar 2009



Millions live with a severe disability caused by a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and families are often at a loss to understand a condition that can leave their loved one a seemingly different person. In warm, accessible prose, a renowned neuropsychiatrist offers this practical, and hopeful, guide.


John W. Cassidy, MD, an award-winning neouropsychiatrist and former Harvard Medical School professor, founded the traumatic brain injury program at Boston's McLean Hospital and cofounded its neuropsychiatry unit. He is currently the president of Nexus Health Systems and lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife.


"Library Journal", Xpress Review, 6/12/09 "A genuinely supportive, well-written, and information-laden guide for caregivers.""Birmingham News", 2/11/10 "Cassidy's book is a down-to-earth discussion of a complicated subject. Clear advice and grounded explanations make this a valuable book for anyone who wants to know more about traumatic brain injury." Metapsychology Online Reviews, 6/10/10 "A straightforward book...[Cassidy] writes in clear language using many examples from real life, and he is able to explain quite complicated information in simple terms...The book does provide hope that with determined effort, patience, the right medical and rehabilitation resources, and with a great deal of help from their families, people with severe TBI can succeed in their goal to make good lives for themselves."
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Untertitel: The Complete Guide for Families Living With Traumatic Brain Injury. black & white illustrations, figures. Sprache: Englisch.
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