An Introduction to Instructional Services in Academic Libraries

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With real-world case studies culled from over three dozen prominent librarian-instructors from across the US and Canada, the essays collected here provide librarians with detailed methods for and accounts of approaches to implementing experiential learning, hybrid models of library instruction, interdisciplinary inquiry through collaboration, information literacy programs for ESL students, information literature for the non-traditional student, an advanced curriculum for graduate students, online classroom librarianship, and teaching distance education students. An Introduction to Instructional Services in Academic Libraries features numerous planning documents, survey instruments, handouts, active learning exercises, and extensive references which make it an ideal resource for educators and librarians everywhere.


Part A. Library Instruction in College Libraries 1. Creating an "Information Literacy Across the Curriculum" Program from Scratch Jill Gremmels and Randall Schroeder 2. Experiential Learning: Teach Them and They Will Come James Andrew Buczynski and Carmen Genuardi 3. Taking the Best of Both Worlds: Success and Challenges with the Hybrid Model of Library Instruction Lucretia McCulley 4. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Using Clickers to Enhance Learning in the Library Janelle L. Wertzberger Part B. Library Instruction in University Libraries 5. Interdisciplinary Inquiry Through Collaboration Leslie Bussert, Suzan Parker and Mark Szarko 6. Immersion of Information Literacy and Technology into the Core Discovery Courses Nancy J. Young, Diane Prorak and Beth Hill 7. PUC 101: A Collaborative Effort for Freshman Orientation Tammy S. Guerrero and Kristin M. Harkin 8. Making the Case for Enhanced Learning: Using Case Studies in a Credit-Bearing Library Course Christopher V. Hollister 9. Using Problem-Based Learning to Teach Information Literacy Skills in a Freshman Seminar Emily Johnson, Cristine Prucha and Petra M. Roter 10. Introducing Primary Documents to Undergraduates Shelley Arlen, Chelsea Dinsmore and Merrie Davidson 11. A Tale of Two Syllabi: Program-Integrated Information Literacy Instruction in Chemistry and Journalism Margy MacMillan 12. Teaching Information Literacy to ESL Students Iona R. Malanchuk 13. Planning, Building, and Assessing a Library Instruction Tutorial Megan Oakleaf 14. Information Literacy for Nontraditional Students at the University of Rhode Island Joanna M. Burkhardt Part C. Library Instruction in Health Sciences University Settings 15. Turning Librarians into Teachers Patricia C. Higginbottom, Lee A. Vucovich and Martha E. Verchot 16. MeSHing with Medical Students: Effectiveness of Library Instruction Over Time-A Longitudinal Research Study Kathryn E. Kerdolff and Maureen M. Knapp 17. Preparing an Advanced Information Literacy Curriculum for Graduate Students Daniel G. Kipnis and Anthony J. Frisby 18. Graded Online Pharmacy Assignments Julia Shaw-Kokot and K. T. L. Vaughan 19. Information Literacy for a College of Nursing Sally Carroll-Ricks, Debra Shelton, Diane Graham-Webb, Susan T. Pierce, Laura Aaron and Debbie Moore 20. Librarians in the Online Classroom: Proactive Bibliographic Instruction for Distance Education Students Justin Robertson, Ellen Sayed and Linda Roussel Chapter Exercises Elizabeth Connor Index


Elizabeth Connor, MLS, AHIP, is Associate Professor of Library Science and Science Liaison at the Daniel Library of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. Since earning her MLS at the State University College at Geneseo in 1978, Ms. Connor has worked as a community college librarian, medical librarian at teaching hospitals and medical schools in three states (Maryland, Connecticut, and South Carolina), and two foreign countries (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Commonwealth of Dominica), and is employed as an academic librarian at the Military College of South Carolina in Charleston. She is a distinguished member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP), serves as the book review editor of Medical Reference Services Quarterly, and co-edits Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries. Research interests relate to how scientists develop habits of mind and how case studies can be used to engage and sustain science learning, especially in undergraduates. Recent publications include A Guide to Developing End User Education Programs in Medical Libraries; Planning, Renovating, Expanding, and Constructing Library Facilities in Hospitals, Academic Medical Centers, and Health Organizations; An Introduction to Reference Services in Academic Libraries; and Evidence-Based Librarianship: Case Studies and Active Learning Exercises.


'If you are looking for detailed, practical examples of proven activities to use in your academic library instructional services program, then this is the text to consult. A resource the instructional services librarian should not be without.'-- Lorna Peterson, SUNY Buffalo, USA 'These case studies and narratives provide new ideas and a strong foundation for successful library instruction. Librarians seeking to broaden or just liven up their instruction repertoire would benefit from this superb collection.'--Helene E. Gold, Eckerd College, USA 'All librarians who administer or provide instructional services in academic settings will find something of value here.'--Mark A. Spasser, Palmetto Health Richland, USA
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