History of Psychology: Original Sources and Contemporary Research

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A History of Psychology is a unique collection of readings in psychology designed to meet three principal goals: a) to expose students to primary source readings in psychology (e.g., Locke, James, Freud, Watson, Leta Hollingworth, Skinner), b) to expose students to some of the best contemporary historical scholarship by active historians of psychology (e.g., Sokal, Leary, Milar, Fancher, Hornstein, Rutherford), and c) to provide students with an understanding of the philosophy and methods of historiography.
In the Third Edition, the author directly links the primary source readings with the contemporary research articles so that the two tell a complete and engaging story - for example, students will read John Watson's behaviorist manifesto followed by Franz Samelson's article showing the slow effect of that message in fostering a behavioral "revolution." Alone or paired with a narrative text, this updated volume will provide students with an integrated understanding of the history of psychology.
Changes for the 3rd Edition
* More concise with 44 articles.
* Twenty-two articles are new
* Thirteen of the contemporary readings are since 2000.
* Specific connections are made between original sources from the founders with the contemporary research.


1. Historiography - Asking and Answering Historical Questions.
2. Philosophical and Physiological Roots of Modern Psychology.
3. Wilhelm Wundt and the Founding of Scientific Psychology.
4. Origins of Scientific Psychology in America.
5. Structuralism and Functionalism.
6. Birth of the New Applied Psychology.
7. Psychoanalysis.
8. Behaviorism and Neobehaviorism.
9. The New Profession of Psychology.
10. A Psychology of Social Change: Race and Gender.
11. Cognitive Psychology.


Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. is Professor of Psychology and Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University and is holder of the Glasscock Professorship and a Presidential Professorship in Teaching Excellence. His numerous publications include From Séance to Science: A History of the Profession of Psychology in America (with David Baker, 2004), A History of Psychology in Letters (second edition 2006, Blackwell) and A Brief History of Modern Psychology (Blackwell, 2007). In 2007 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for the History of Psychology for his research on the history of psychology.


"Ludy Benjamin has organized a superb collection of readings for the history of psychology, blending outstanding and accessible selections from great authors of the past with excellent historical essays by contemporary researchers. This volume will make an excellent book for any history of psychology course." Henry L. Roediger, III, Washington University in St. Louis "By allowing psychology's pioneers to speak in their own voices, supplemented by historical analysis and his own introductions, Ludy Benjamin brings psychology's history alive. By so doing, Benjamin, a great historian of psychology, illuminates yesterday's great ideas and their reach into today's psychological science." David Myers, Hope College "If the history of psychology sounds dry and dull, then you have not yet read the 3rd edition of Ludy Benjamin's edited book. It is a mix of original writing by psychology's greatest thinkers and commentary by contemporary psychologists. History of Psychology: Original Sources and Contemporary Research is fascinating reading for anyone who wants to understand the development of topics as diverse as Freudian notion of repression and application of learning theory to education." Diane F. Halpern, Claremont McKenna College, 2004 President of the American Psychological Association
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